Girls’ Generation-TTS – Dear Santa (2015) Album review (Neo Music Community)

Dear Santa

written by Jeong Min-jae

Girls’ Generation – “Tae TiSeo (TaeYeon, Tiffany, Seohyun)” has joined to produce a Christmas album specially targeting end of the year holidays. They have fully proven their competence as vocal group, and they don’t fail to do that in this seasonal album as well. While they are fully exercising their versatility, having stable balance, and having harmony that is better than ever. Christmas carols, pop, dance, acoustic are the ones they’ve attempted which sound almost authentic and outstanding. Even though it’s too bad “Dear Santa”’s R&B intro is contradicting the latter part, separately, they were great. Especially main theme’s great melody flow and revision is very much attractive.

Besides the fact that lyrics and instrument were indicating this was a holiday seasonal album, most of tracks were not much different from their official albums, with the same effort they would put in their main albums. Funky retro dance pop “I like the way” and “As the first snow” with light melody and clean impressive vocal fitted Tae TiSeo’s original song but at the same time, the revised version had different appeal to it. Acoustic ballad “You look like winter”, and pop ballad “Merry Christmas” that followed classic carol style touch our emotions very differently from “Twinkle”, “Holler” which was more fancy and glamorous. They have created holiday record of little volume, but much intensity, whereas many artists make holiday albums that are played-out, clichés, only seeking to make profit during holiday season.

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