Girls’ Generation – “Mr.Mr.” (2014) Album Review – Neo Music Community


written by Kim Do-heon

<I Got A Boy> The shock of “I Got A Boy” caused such a stir. It almost became a subject for the whole society causing a controversy about the song. They were no longer a typical idol group, but the “national girl group”. Their greed to target the enthusiast caused the mistake of “I got a boy”. It broke the Girls’ Generation image that was most familiar with people and caused a confusion. Now, Girls’ Generation had a new assignment to have broader perspective reaching out to the general public.

It will not be exaggerated to say this album’s whole goal is to mend the gap that “I got a boy” has created. For this purpose, they used the pattern of <The Boys> which had the balance of musical competence and appeal to mass popularity. Many similarities can be found as they were seeking new sides by collaborating with songwriters from overseas, while making the composition, title, and lyrics simple.

Bringing back the pattern of the past surely gives us stability. However, it is questionable that whether this will bring back the popularity that had declined. “Mr. Mr” which is almost identical of “The boys” except for the lack of intensity of “The boys” reminds me of simplicity at first. However, the ambiguous concept of this song make it hard to assume the real meaning of it. It is not to painful to listen to. However, it lacks the charisma that will cause someone to look it up and listen to. “Goodbye” of simple composition and mystical “Europa” has the pop element that can’t be found in Korea’s music industry, but it gets a low score when it comes to impact. “Soul” that was put in to be the reversal of the album’s atmosphere at the end was also inadequate. It could be rated as 2nd best but not the best.

Girls’ Generation’s dilemma is that they need to go on with the title “National girl group”, whether they like it or not. They have offered everything they can offer since it’s been 7 years since their debut. Their firm image in people is in the way of their attempting new things. The members themselves are actually not “girls” anymore. Accurate judgment of the current state and setting a clear direction for the future will enable them to last for a long time. To find the answer is their job. I’m just saying “Mr. Mr” is not the answer.

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