Girls’ Generation – Hoot (2010) Album Review (Neo Music Community)


written by Jo I-seul

Efforts to seek changes are evident in their decision in choosing the “bond girl” image. However, without the visuals, that change they were seeking is lacking creativity and ideas.

Perhaps there were some little differences in the images of “Gee”, “Tell me your wish”, “Kissing you”, but it almost seems like rotation. Such clichés of “Gee”, “Oh”, “Hoot” title of one Korean letter and familiar hooks were repeated pattern. Such attention of their spoiler was mere combination of the fame of the star and images that provoke curiosity.

In other words, this track is made of disoriented effectors, meaningless repeated words, only focusing on making a hit, which is the same strategy they had with the new single “Hoot”. This same pattern of having well organized melody line, an impact that is played once in a while in the track, takes away the effects of impressive retro guitar sound. The pattern of placing a tack with higher BPM and dynamic, then putting a slower paced track to make it sound lyrical (“it’s my fault”), makes the album boring because of its predictability.

It’s a trite story. It reflects a trend of both generations with the most sophisticated sensibility and emotions, but it doesn’t find the answer from the new things they are trying. It’s questionable how long their plan of giving us the same music but just switching the songwriters, and their vocal style will last.

Original Korean article:


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