Girls’ Generation – Run Devil Run Second Album Repackage (2010) Album Review (Neo Music Community)

The Second Album Repackaged

written by  Han Dong-yun

From “Gee” to “Genie”, “Oh!” and all the way to “Run devil run” they changed their theme from girls to little older girls. The first two songs were not too different but the latter two were completely different. Someone who would call out “Oppa” (A respectful Korean term used by younger females toward older males; such as an older male friend. Also, is sometimes used in a slightly flirtatious way.) is turning 180 degree and saying “I will dump you” as if one is bipolar. If the track is upbeat, the next will be little heavy and dark. Then the next is once again upbeat and all cute again. It’s like night and day.

This strategy and equation only apply to the singles they will sing on music shows. Other tracks listed in the album overall are bright. “Star Star Star (☆★☆)”, “I want to dream with you forever” are little slow. “Caramel coffee (Talk to me)”, and “Only thinking of good things (Day by day)” are upbeat, cute, girly, and lively. Emotions of girls just as their group name are conveyed.

Too much consistent expression of girly ways makes me think that it’s too childish and even pathetic. It’s all about a boy and a girl. Boys and girls are available everywhere. “I want to check how that boy feels about me.” The moment before you confess you love. These are what all the songs are about. It reminds me of people who are determined to get with an opposite sex at a middle or high school vacation bible study. With no worries of the world, just being lovey-dovey almost lowers the listener’s mental age.

There is just loud and cheesy background. From the beginning to the end it’s only focusing on trendy music. With no seriousness, it seems like one is forced to only enjoy.

Still, many people are crazy about them. As soon as they make an album, it sells. Not just a little but it sells very well. Maybe some will feel offended by my expressing as if it’s an object. But it’s a fact. As soon as the album is released, it sells so much, which proves their popularity. Whether they release EP, full album, previous full album with just a couple of new songs, the record sales doesn’t go down. Whatever they do, what concert they do, it’s sold out, and they are used to it.

The album released two months ago was released again with a couple of new songs and became a repackaged version. However, it’s hard to assume that popularity is from the songwriters or the vocals of group members. Fans who are mesmerized by how the group looks on TV, different theme, and fashion are the ones who make their sales go up. It’s like when actors come out with albums. They are not worth more than the illustrated pictures.

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