Girls’ Generation-TTS – Holler (2014) Album Review (Neo Music Community)


written by Lee Gi-seon

As I watched Red Velvet, which was merely an extension of f(x), and Super Junior whose music is almost identical as EXO, I could feel that SM has made a mistake. I almost questioned whether they are grouping all the music of the label according to certain standards. When the label was criticized for grouping and making all the artists identical, SM Entertainment took out their hidden card. This album by Girls’ Generation-TTS was to give justice to SM Entertainment’s choice of music route.

What is the special strength about this album is that it didn’t follow the trend. They didn’t forcefully implement so-called popular genre such as electronic or trap music, but brought back the nostalgia of “Twinkle”. Unlike when there are nine members and they had to divide everything into nine parts, now three members can fully reach their potential capability. The greatest significance was that TTS was able to create their own platform that is distinguished from the original Girls’ Generation.

The composition of songs is exceptional as well. If being natural was the greatest virtue, “Whisper” would win it. It is a track with much charisma, having its intro organically connected to the hook. In the case of “Stay”, the bridge is dramatically introduced with emphasis on each singer’s singing ability. The strategy to recruit foreign songwriters was used previously in their official albums. That was also done in this album as well. Even though different foreign songwriters worked on this album, they were successful to maintain the consistency of the music as Girls’ Generation’s previous albums.

There is a limitation of a mini album, such as not having enough songs. Innocent until proven guilty. But it also seems like they are mimicking international trend and even the other girl groups in their own label. However, I can’t put my finger on exactly what they are copying. If I just disregard the doubts, I see the value of this new album that really establishes this new brand of “TTS”. They didn’t put too much weight on the title single “Holler”. All the six tracks are well balanced, which gives me the anticipation that this album might be as popular as their official albums. How this unit of three members will work out with the whole Girls’ Generation would be the key question too. Also, this is a sign that this big factory called SM Entertainment is capable of self-improve, without receiving new contents.

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