Taeyeon – I (2015) Album Review (Neo Music Community)


written by Lee Su-ho

Taeyeon launches a successful solo career with great results. Her first track, ‘I (feat. Verbal Jint) starts us off with a strong impression. ‘Fun’ is a pop-rock styled song, which is a genre that is gaining popularity among fellow artists and bands overseas. We see a new side to her, aside from her previous OST-styled ballads. She performs beautifully. Her vocals work with the sounds, and it is tightly packed with such intensity and variety. There is a piano-rock arrangement where we can really highlight her enormous talent as a singer, and the unexpectedness that comes out of it is quite a ‘stress’ in itself.

Despite her wide spectrum as an artist, she delivered on all of her tracks. Her successful record as a vocalist has influenced her solid transformation with a familiar stability in her title songs like ‘I’ and ‘Stress’. The songs in which she stuck to her old style, with slow ballads ‘U R’ and ‘Tell Me First’ are actually a bit overshadowed in comparison. Her other songs give a more powerful impact because it breaks our preconceived ideas about Taeyeon. There is a diverse balance that exists within all of her tracks, and that leaves us with no room to be bored.

The stunning blueprint that is provided by ‘I’ makes it all the more valuable. As an excellent vocalist with such a diverse range, she provides a colorful, yet harmonious mixture of herself in this solo project. It breathes new life into her career as an artist and will prove to be a turning point. The obligatory solo album that any talented vocalist releases is, in Taeyeon’s case, a brilliant showcasing of an idol ‘god’ as she has achieved the unprecedented.

Original Korean article: http://www.izm.co.kr/contentRead.asp?idx=27186&bigcateidx=1&subcateidx=3&view_tp=1


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