Girls’ Generation – “Catch Me If You Can” (2015) Single Review (Neo Music Community)

Catch Me If You Can

written by Lee Jong-min

It’s the first single Girls’ Generation produced since the number of members turned from 9 to 8. It is regrettable that the beginning of their activity is in Japan, not in South Korea. Being aware of their one year void, they have produced the domestic version as well, releasing the single simultaneously in South Korea.

Even though SM Entertainment is known for using electronic music in their artists’ music, it brings a different feel when Girls’ Generation begins to use it.  What sounds like bunched up harsh sounds helps a little to bring the new image the group has created. But that’s the only positive effect there is, it gives an impression that melodies and accompaniment are just separate. The melody sounds too bland. Literally, the single only focuses on changing the group’s image.

Original Korean article:


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