Girls’ Generation – “Gee” (2009) Single Review (Neo Music Community)


written by Han Dong-yun

This song doesn’t have the SMP format that other music produced by SM Entertainment does. They still have the cuteness but this song’s tempo is a lot faster than other songs from the group’s previous album. Therefore, “Gee” is, at least, fresh to Girls’ Generation and fans.

For the song to be fast, it gives an indication through either hook, chorus, verse, or in any other part, it has a factor that will leave a strong impression upon listeners. Similar to the recent dance music trend, this song repeats a short phrase, which makes it addictive. Not many people can fight the addiction when “gee” and “baby”  are repeated tens of times. If you find yourself humming the song, it will probably be because one has forcefully become addicted because of its repetition.

The familiar structure of the song can be compared to that of Wonder Girls or Brown Eyed Girls. However, while those other groups songs maintain the same rhythm from start to finish without any emphasis, in “Gee”, phrases such as “Ban JJak, ban JJak” (Twinkle, twinkle) or “JJalit Jjalit” (tingling tinging) reform the flow that could have been a bore. This suggests that they are not just to blindly inject the repetition in listeners’ ears.

Because so much emphasis is on the repetition, there was no need to put power in bridge, or they could’ve even taken it out. They did put a bridge, which didn’t play a role to bring the song up to climax from hook and chorus, but rather, it’s used to catch breath for a while in such a fast-paced song. It wouldn’t have mattered if they took out the bridge, since, they have already shown everything they can. It’s regrettable since it sounds like it was squeezed in just to show Jessica can sing just as good as TaeYeon, the main vocal.

A combination of teenage sensibilities, distinctive lyrics, and bouncy background music has a strong attraction. But, knowing this is a structure to boost the popularity, it’s hard to shake off the feeling this is another fabricated music.

 Original Korean article:


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