Girls’ Generation – “Genie” (2009) Single Review (Neo Music Community)


written by Han Dong-yun

Typically, what female idol groups can show is limited to what is fitting to their actually age, cuteness that younger fans desire, or made-up maturity. Starting with “Into the New World”, their debut song, to “Baby Baby”, “Kissing You”, and recently “Gee”, Girls’ Generations’ target was men of old and young age. This strategy worked perfectly every time. It was expected that their hit formula would work for some time.

However, their new song “Tell Me Your Desire (Genie)” is beyond that prediction. Heavy synthesizer and low note in the beginning is a transformation that could not be seen in the past. Overall music structure resembles electronica that is popular in Korean and international music scene. In this song, typical Girls’ Generation’s preferred lyrics and cute melody are nowhere to be seen. Marine look and short outfits shown through media are far from cuteness. I believe it’s an attempt to look older.

It has to be the label who came up with the theme, but this transformation seems like maturity being too rushed. Even though there is dark heaviness in tone, the content of their lyrics is too cute, which makes the combination sound awkward. It seems like they began with a sexiness feel, but lost balance like, “Oh whatever, I don’t know” and brought back their old image. Because of this reason the sound of their laughter and chitchat they placed in the middle and end of the song sound like they were forcing the song to sound cute.

Background sound is also very uninspiring. It sounds trendy, but besides a little adlib during the instrumental, the vocal sounds pretty much bland. There is no variations, basic tempo attached to offsetting, which doesn’t really trigger listeners’ interest at all. The solo adlib at the end is the only addition. This is a formula Girls’ Generation has been offering the whole time. No other interesting change can be found.

I understand idol group has no choice to follow the label’s decision, but if their attempt is to show transformation, they have to do it all the way. Being unprofessional because they know they have already developed a large fandom is wrong. This is my wish to “Genie” not to Girls’ Generation.

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