Girls’ Generation – “Lion Heart” (2015) Single Review (Neo Music Community)

Lion Heart

written by Lee Taek-yong

The awkwardness that begins with ‘The boys’, no, to be exact, with “Hoot” has disappeared. I’m glad to see that, first of all. I believe this is a tactic to erode fans’ misunderstanding due to the disorder in the group.

If I put aside the impression that the intro sounds like “Like a virgin”, “Lion heart” is the best song out of what  Girls’ Generation produced lately. I especially like the fact that it not a complex combination of everything. The hook built up with harmony reminds us once again that Girls’ Generation’s vocal is not incompetent.

The real problem is actually their direction. Despite their top position in the music game, they are lost wandering around somewhere between 80s retro and modern EDM. “Finding a suitable color” after 8 years since their debut doesn’t make sense. For their motto “Girls’ Generation now, Girls’ Generation from now, Girls’ Generation forever” to be fulfilled, they have to set a direction and be settled.

Original Korean article:


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