Girls’ Generation – “Oh” (2010) Single Review (Neo Music Community)


written by Han Dong-yun

What appears outwardly first of all, is the youth characteristic. Unlike the last single “Tell me your wish (Genie), where they tried to look mature, in “Oh!”, they are trying to produce images that are quite different, fresh and bright. In their lyrics where they blurt out the word “Oppa” often, one can tell they are back to their girlish character. I wouldn’t say they got younger, but they became young.

I can understand their motive behind such transformation after the song “Tell me your wish (Genie), where they swayed in between the alluring and mature image of a woman and the young, girly, lively image of a young girl didn’t have much impact compared to their previously released songs. Though certain parts of the choreography and costumes of “Tell me your wish (Genie)” did caught the fans’ attention. Just as expected, they had the costumes and choreography you would see on talent show. It shouldn’t be too bad while they are singing the name of toilet paper that was place in every home back in 1990s and still be the top on the chart.

“Oh!” has energetic feel to it but doesn’t have any more value to give musical pleasure. This is as if a girl is acting cute and sweet, but she doesn’t have the critical attraction to really steal the boy’s heart. Lack of bridge, background sound change in between, programming that can support the instruments, makes this song bland. This makes the song sound like being cute and girly dominate the whole song.

Out of all the songs, so far, this song seems like the most boring. In “Into the New World”, there was momentum within the song that gave intensity , “Gee” with fun lyrics that enhanced the song, and “Tell me your wish” with appropriate arrangement of vocal gave the song the density, (however) “Oh” is lacking a factor that would give the song more taste. There is just a lot of “Oh”, “Ah” repeatedly, fast tempo, and electronic sound. I think it will be practical for cycling at the gym or background music to get on the treadmill.

In this era, people prefer hook, rather than well-organized traditional structure, fast and rhythmic tempo. In that sense this music is genius. They didn’t put any bridges which gave more consistent feel. Not adding other rhythm, or using instrument programming gave more emphasis on chorus. A track that is little over 3 minutes, fast pace, fast conclusion, exactly what the current fans want.

This fast tempo and bouncy sound was used to effectively convey the girly feeling. Through this, listeners get to experience Girls’ Generation that is different from the past. However, this pattern and structure of hook only focuses on making an impression upon the listeners, trying to make a hit. At the end, “Oh!” was just another snippet of Korean popular music, and its trend, where it only repeats hook and certain part.

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