Girls’ Generation – “Party” (2015) Single Review (Neo Music Community)


written by Kim Do-heon

Far from the awkwardness of 8 members of Girls’ Generation and “Catch me if you can”, “Party” came back with the colorful and fresh style of Girls’ Generation at their peak of their past, before the time of “Tell me your wish” and “The boys”. Eight girls smiling brightly, cool ocean, “I want lemon soju, I want tequila, you get mojito”, and a cute music video make this a good summer season track. The fans are happy with this.

It is an effort to put an end to a complicated situation in many ways. Though it might have been able to make us recall the memory of Girls’ Generation of the past, but the song itself was not given such power. A funky dance song with guitar on top of groovy base to spice it up is an equation of countless summer season style of other artists, and critically, some parts sound similar to “California gurls”. Intro-bridge-hook structure is too predictable. There aren’t any clear reversal points. Things are spread diffusely and not orderly.

Puzzling since <The Boys>, they were looking into a way for innovation. However, it seems like they got stuck. Perhaps it was an inevitable choice to please the fandom after withdrawal of a member, and dating rumors, but their intention of reconstructing their image is too obvious. At the end, “good music” is the key. I will anticipate that in their next official album.

Original Korean article:


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