Girls’ Generation – “Run Devil Run” (2010) Single Review (Neo Music Community)

Run Devil Run

written by Seong Won-ho

Besides their external style that gave them a new nickname “Black GG”, this single album doesn’t have one single thing that’s of Girls’ Generation. Only partial lyrics of “Run devil run” sung by KeSha (demo version) was revised before turning into Girls’ Generation’s song. Girls’ Generation’s label made a big deal out of using KeSha’s guide version, but in reality, to be exact, it was not the guide version but the demo version that was excluded in her album.

Girls’ Generation’s “Run Devil Run” is exactly the same as KeSha’s demo version. One can’t hardly tell the difference between the instrumental Girls’ Generation used and Ke$ha’s. Intro and clap sound are identical too. So are the length of the song and effects in between and vocal arrangements.

The content of lyrics is another problem. As they write Korean lyrics, it doesn’t make sense since they kept the title and the hook in English. Ke$ha’s lyrics are about her rage, warning and willingness to screw the man that played her. It is clear why she calls the man the devil and why she says “You better run, run devil run”.  She says she will fire the cannon and make him sink, and he’d better sail off to the seven seas. A clear motivation for the man to “run”.

But Girls’ Generation’s lyric is simply about a bad boy. It lists the things the girl was disappointed with the guy who abandoned her, just reasoning with him. The willingness to track him down and make him pay is missing. It almost sounds like, “Beg forgiveness, and if you become a good man from now, I will take you back.” And then all of sudden, the chorus says, “Run”, and “On the day I become a great person, I’ll get my revenge”. It’s not smooth. The man might be getting dumped, but doesn’t necessarily has a reason to “run”. It’s a result of their trying not to lose the taste of “You better run, run devil run”, which ended up twisting the content.

If they messed up the content, they should’ve put more work in the vocal or plan their own style, but they didn’t really make use of that either. Compared to Ke$ha’s vocal that sounds aggressive and pissed off, Girls’ Generation show no sign of superiority when it comes to vocal. TaeYeon and Jessica are somewhat stable when it comes to high notes, Soo Young and Hyo Yeon’s part before the chorus, and Sunny’s part after the chorus sound like they are busy trying to sound cute, rather than talking trash to the man that betrayed the girl.

Making the chorus multi-layered structure sounds as if they merely imitate KeSha’s vocal skills. As a result, this single seems to be like KeSha’s demo version with Girls’ Generation’s voice on top of it.

Besides their own commercial gains, this kind of musical product will not bring any positive impact on K-pop. I would be in trouble if I covet an idol with great musical capability, but we can’t completely ignore the music. My desire is that all the effort they put in fashion to look unique and original, will be shown in their music as well. Yes, there are idol groups whose music has been underrated. But I am pretty sure Girls’ Generation is not the victim of that.
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