Girls’ Generation-TTS – Twinkle (2012) Single Review (Neo Music Community)


written by Hwang Seon-eop

The latest actions of the SM are truly frightening. Leaving aside the criticism of ‘commodification of music’, it’s hard to find defects in their production. Even though I had a disappointment with the group’s name that seemed to be half-heartedly made, waves of groove in this song made a new impression, washing away the previous image of the group. As idol groups are searching for an arena to be independent through soul and funk, as in Secret’s “Madonna”, Shinhwa’s “Be my love”, so does Girls’ generation, only in a superior way.

Two core points. First is the organic arrangement of bass and drums. Funky guitar riff due to solid rhythm structure, synth sound work as factors as well. Another one is vocal. Taeyeon’s high notes proves that she has wider variation than we expected. As Tiffany and Seoyeon support her voice, strong send of pride is conveyed.

It is said a color that can’t be seen in palette is created by tint and the amount of paint, rather than the original color. Not taking the credit away from the group, but the label’s implementation of arranging everything perfectly is served at its best in 2012. It’s ideal 21st century Broadway tune where legacy of past and present trend is tastefully mixed.

Original Korean article:


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