Taeyeon – I (2015) Single Review (Neo Music Community)


written by Hwang Seon-eop

I expected this album to be a compilation of ballads. As a lead vocal artist with multiple hit songs for several OSTs, it was a reasonable assumption. Super Junior’s lead vocal, Kyuhyeon sang his heart out to such ballad tracks and it proved to be a success. Taeyeon, however, goes dramatically down a different path, halting our expectations with a bit of rock. By choosing to fill this song with not just her voice, but the guitar as well as a rap intro, it seems as though she is preparing to branch out from her familiar ballads and start anew as a solo artist.

Precisely the reason why, it is refreshing. The background music sounds as bold as her vocals. She takes control of the song with a kind of fierceness we haven’t seen before, and leads with new rhythm and direction. If you were expecting a bit more of her slow songs and deep vocals, you might find yourself disappointed. With this solo debut, she tried something new and I would say it was successful. The authentic lyrics are also a pleasant addition.

Original Korean article: http://www.izm.co.kr/contentRead.asp?idx=27175&bigcateidx=8&subcateidx=10&view_tp=1


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