[Review]‘Gone with the Wind’ Actor Seohyun’s Potential [OSEN]

A girl became an actor.

Through the musical ‘Gone with the Wind’, girl group SNSD’s Seohyun proved her potential as a musical actor. Last year, she went on stage in ‘Moon Embracing the Sun’ and with ‘Gone with the Wind’ Seohyun is on stage for the second time. One would predict that the role of the main character in a large show would be incredibly overwhelming but Seohyun owned the stage beyond expectation.

Truthfully, you can’t say that ‘Gone with the Wind’ is a well-done piece. Overall, it is overwhelming to translate the formidable source material drama to stage. Due to limited development, flow keeps getting disconnected and the emotional story of the movie or the novel disappeared.

Since the film is so famous, many audiences probably expect the emotional connection to the film or the small details of the original novel. However, it was difficult to find either in the 2-hour stage rendition of ‘Gone with the Wind’. I expected a magnificent stage but the somewhat erratic environment lost steam. Of course you have to look at the fact that a musical is a different medium than a film or a novel, to fans of the originals, this performance definitely had to have been disappointing.

Despite that, Seohyun’s attempt is praiseworthy. In the piece, Seohyun is in the role of Scarlett O’Hara, who transforms from a spoiled lady who needs to have everything she wants to a strong woman who explores her fate after experiencing war. She earned applause for her acting and singing skills that were above and beyond expectation.

As this is only her second musical, to Seohyun, who is only just entering the road of a musical actor, playing Scarlett O’Hara in ‘Gone with the Wind’ is an incredibly huge role. This character needs to find the centre of the piece in a large theatre performance. More than anything, if you don’t own the stage with acting and singing skills, the whole performance itself can collapse.

Seohyun cannot surpass the explosive vocal skills or the onstage comfort level of Bada, who is sharing the role with her, but she is successful in expressing her own Scarlett O’Hara. With a fierce voice, she expressed an arrogant Scarlett O’Hara and her clean voice complimented the role. More than anything, Seohyun’s singing surpassed expectations. It wasn’t powerful but it was pure like a girl, while also robust and sharp.

She followed Scarlett O’Hara’s emotions well. She acted the role well, depicting a spoiled lady who becomes increasingly strong after experiencing a war. In scenes that explode with emotion or tears, she does well. I can’t say she perfectly expresses Scarlett in every moment but she definitely showed her potential for growth as an actor.

Seohyun has said, “The most important part is that I have to perfectly embody Scarlett. I looked at the piece many times and while looking in the mirror, I thought to myself, ‘I am Scarlett’. I tried hard to emulate her gestures and behaviours in normal life. Not only on stage but I am trying hard to think that I am living as Scarlett.”

After digesting one drama and two musicals, Seohyun is entering the road as an actor. From the beginning, she is making bold attempts and showing proof of her potential so we are curious what move she will make next as an actor.


Original translation: Stella


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